Block Suite

A sweet collection of blocks will be exclusively built for the new WordPress Gutenberg editor for content creators, marketing, selling products and services and more coming soon.

Each card provides some details on what the block or extension to the editor is and what it can do. Some may have concepts attached to give some idea on what it can look like. View the ideas board and vote on the card you like the most.

The Strategy

At the moment the blocks are just ideas but they are good ones. At this time my strategy is to work out the design and function of the blocks and their options and plan them out with your help.

Some I have added snippets added for reference. These blocks may change before development starts and you can help by providing your feedback based on these ideas. This makes development a lot easier and not require deprecating the blocks shortly after the first release of Block Suite.

I chose to start with the less-complex blocks before working on the more advanced blocks. I’m aiming to have a suite of blocks that are accessible and easy to use for new users of WordPress and those who have used WordPress for a long time.

Some of the blocks may already be available but they may also be limited on what you can do with them so it is important that they are vetted more. There is also the fact that you dont want to install several plugins just to get the blocks you want which is why this project will provide a suite of blocks all in one.

A road map will also be created after enough votes have been made so the community can follow which blocks or extensions have been created and what is to come next.

How can I get involved?

  1. Follow me on Twitter to receive updates.
  2. Sign up below to receive updates via email.
  3. Log in or Signup for Trello to join the ideas board.
  4. Vote on the blocks you would like the most to use or you think is cool.
  5. Comment on the blocks you would like to share feedback on or request a feature for that block.
  6. Join a new community Slack channel for WordPress developers, users and learners. Come and discuss Gutenberg, blocks and share and learn from one another to make more blocks.

Test and Report Feedback

Block Suite will be open source and available on GitHub. Those who test the blocks and provide feedback while the blocks are in development is valuable to helping me make them perfect before launch.

Once the blocks do become available to test, it is important that you DO NOT use them on a live production site.

  1. Test the blocks in a development environment.
  2. Test the blocks with the Twenty Nineteen theme.
  3. Test the blocks with your favourite theme of choice.
  4. Report back feedback on the blocks from the configuration to styling issues.

Will Block Suite be FREE?

A number of the basic blocks will be available for free to peek your interest. The remainder of the blocks developed will be more advanced blocks which will be part of the pro version.