Current Gutenberg Block Collections

Current collections more or less feature the same type of blocks that are common to have for any website, the only thing different is their style, user options and experience on those blocks.

The majority of these collections came shortly before or after Gutenberg was merged and released in WordPress 5.0 so knowing who is going to release which blocks first is shortsighted.

Some collections like CoBlocks have been in development since the beginning. At the moment, besides the top 10 unique blocks that I listed, the blocks have only been copies with some modifications.

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I’m currently learning more React and Gutenberg now before I start development with Block Suite.

This is to be expected due to Gutenberg being still new and developers are having to learn React and/or Gutenberg’s components before exploring the idea of building something different, so these common blocks are the easiest to build first.

If you are wondering why I am going to be doing another collection of blocks for Gutenberg while there are many already available, the answer is simple.

Why not?

Let me point out that these other plugins provide a collection of blocks with a minimum average of only 10, which really is not a lot considering that number should be double.

I say that because at least 2 or 3 blocks per collection have blocks that another collection does not so add those together along with the 10 common blocks that all the collections provide. It’s at least 20 or more.

How many are you building?

I plan to build 50+ (and still counting) different blocks and less than 10 of them are the common blocks that are currently available in these other collections.

That doesn’t even include some of the ideas that I have in mind to extend the editor and/or the current core blocks. I may even extend other 3rd party blocks as well. Once I have released Block Suite, I could have the biggest block collection by far.

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Collections so far

Currently these are the collection of block plugins available.

My personal favourite collection is done by Rich Tabor, creator of CoBlocks so far.

  1. Which collection of blocks are you using?
  2. Do you use more than one collection to get all the blocks you need?
  3. What block would you like that does not exist yet?

Leave a comment below.

Top 10 Unique Gutenberg Blocks

Here are the top ten unique individual Gutenberg blocks that I have found on there own. All are free and available to use.

Note: Not all of them are available from the WordPress plugin directory so you will have to download them from the repository.

Number 1 “Block Gallery” is the best designed Gutenberg block so far and was awarded the Automattic design award for being so. While number 10 “Drop it” is not actually a block it does provide ease of use to search and insert images from or either directly to the post or as a featured image.

  1. Block Gallery
  2. 360 Video
  3. 360 Image
  4. Spoiler Alert
  5. Guidepost
  6. Random Blocks (This has two blocks.)
  7. Shiny Code
  8. WooCommerce Blocks
  9. Double Image
  10. Drop it

Do you use any of these blocks? If so, which blocks do you use?

If you know of any other unique individual blocks that should have made the list then let me know.