Top 10 Unique Gutenberg Blocks

Here are the top ten unique individual Gutenberg blocks that I have found on there own. All are free and available to use.

Note: Not all of them are available from the WordPress plugin directory so you will have to download them from the repository.

Number 1 “Block Gallery” is the best designed Gutenberg block so far and was awarded the Automattic design award for being so. While number 10 “Drop it” is not actually a block it does provide ease of use to search and insert images from or either directly to the post or as a featured image.

  1. Block Gallery
  2. 360 Video
  3. 360 Image
  4. Spoiler Alert
  5. Guidepost
  6. Random Blocks (This has two blocks.)
  7. Shiny Code
  8. WooCommerce Blocks
  9. Double Image
  10. Drop it

Do you use any of these blocks? If so, which blocks do you use?

If you know of any other unique individual blocks that should have made the list then let me know.

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